Quotes added on Thursday, September 20 2007

of |[striking out]|
keep you from playing
----> the game. <3
I wish I knew what he was thinking when he look at me and smiles.
Don't worry about me.
In the end, I'll be fine.
I'm just the girl forgotten.
The girl always left behind.
..::My Heart::..
Silly me, I guess I can't fix everything.
Missing you isn't what hurts... It's knowing that I once had you, that breaks my heart. cuz i no that we will never be together again..and u said that u just wanted to be friends but its hard to just be your friend when i still like u :(
baby i love you
i never let you go
but boy if i had to
i want you to know
that all the love me made will
NEVER be earsed
and you wil
NEVER be replaced
i see u looking at me and i no u wont me... so come get me
I look at u and think
"could you be any sexxyyer?"
boys arent even close to how important your best friends!
as long as we have memories,
yesterday remains.
as long as we have love,
today is beutiful
as long as we have hope...
tomorrow awaits
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