Quotes added on Friday, September 21 2007

i don't need my eyes to see you
for i've memorized your face by h e a r t ;;

you don't need to see my face
to know how much i love you
for you can hear my heartbeat
and it's beating
y o u*
Whoa, I never meant to brag
But, I got him where I want him now.
Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now.
But god does it feel so good,
Cause I got him where I want him now.
And if you could then you know you would.
I watched his wildest dreams come true
Not one of them involving you
You had my heart, and we'll never be worlds apart
Maybe in magazines, but you'll still be my star
Baby 'cause in the Dark, You can't see shiny Cars
And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share
you're becoming a dream to me
a fairytale fantasy
nothing can never compare
your name is to my memory

and girl I'm asking could you be my queen?
a vision on a magazine
thats when ill be there
its something we both share
when the sun shine well shine together
you know ill be here forever
although its alot of rain outside
girl its gettin late and you can stay the night
but you can dip out anytime whenever
i can call a car i aint tryna stress ya I'm looking for the one with the glass slipper
baby girl you can be my cinderella (ella ella eh eh eh)
you can be my cinderella (ella ella eh eh eh)
you can be my cinderella (ella ella eh eh eh)
you can be my cinderella (ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)
i love u baby :]
Summers Out
School is in
Preppy girls
Showoff guys
New Best Friends
Stupied Fights
Long Homework nights
Rumors being spread
# 2 pencil lead
Lunches suck
Just our luck
Foot-ball games
Spanish class is lame
New Looks
Text books
"say what team is gonna win?"
Wow,let the drama begin.
yo mamma is so fat she put on a red shirt
and ppl b asking her 4 some kool-aid
Tonight will change our lives. It's so good to be by your side. We'll cry; we won't give up the fight. We'll scream loud at the top of our lungs, and they'll think it's just cause we're young. And we'll feel so alive.
Oh oh, did I mention when I see you it stings like hell? To the fact that we could have something that'll never happen. -The Academy Is...
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