Quotes added on Saturday, September 22 2007

when you start falling, you can't stop.
i had you once, but never again.
things happen for a reason. you break up because you were never meant to be together, you fall down so you can try to get back up, and you mess up then learn from your mistake.
cross your heart
hope to die
make-up and clothes
boys and lies
true best friends
till the end <33

not mine but make it cutee
Success comes from knowing
that you did your best to become
the best that you are capable of becoming.
All i want to do is be
in your arms and
never let go but if i
have to let do ill
What do you do when the one you love
doesnt love you and the guy your
with makes you happy and you like him
alot but your justnot in love with
him. What do you do? Do you stay with
the guy your with now the one
who makes you treats you right but
your just not in love with, or
do you break up with him and go for
the one you love but doesnt
love you back? Do you end a good
relationship to have none or
do you keep things the way they are
and see were life takes you?
What do you do?<3
[[i think]] how could i do any better then him
I am finding out that mabey i was worng
htat i fallen down and i can't do this allone
and i heard the sound the sound of my only hope

My heart By paramore
getta up a do somthing!
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