Quotes added on Tuesday, September 25 2007

It's funny how i keep telling myself to go for it, tell tht person how you feel, not just those little words you said, stop being scared and just do it, but knowing the outcome, knowing itll just end in another dissapointment, makes it not worth it..
If you’ll be my star, I’ll be your sky.
You may have a withered past, but there's a blurry future, and no one knows what will happen.
I could prolly scream iloveyou straight to your face, and it wouldnt even phase you. <.3
I just want to go back,
Make things right.
Figure out who I am.
And what could’ve happened.
I bet she's beautiful
that girl he talks about she has everything that i have to live withoutt.<3
boys are like waves upon the sand...
they come and go, but they leave a mark when they go... ♥

alll minnee
use georgia font,
italicize waves,
make mark bold and a bigger font size
&& make it pink =]
It's not polite to stare...but as long as it's you, I don't really care ♥

make stare and care italicized and bold =D
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