Quotes added on Wednesday, September 26 2007

shorty dropp it to da ground like she aint got manners to much booty for one man to handle. cuz all i need is a one night scandle.

dame little mama no you fit my standarts your the type that make me grip that handle

clap clap clap clap shake that thang shake that thang!

_idk who sings it but it has LUDA in it_
I think that i am in love for once in my life
I think that you have shown me what it is like to be loved
I think that i am in heaven when i am with you
I think that i am the only girl that feels this way
I think that i am made to be with you forever
I think and hope that you feel the same way
Why Are You TryIng SO HARD to blend in
When you WEre BorN to Stand
Forever in my heart, thats where you'll always be.
Like the tears that run down my face, you once were close to me.
As the tear runs off my cheek, and drips onto the floor.You've slipped right out of my grasp, and walked right out the door.
My aspiration is simple, please come home to me.
Where you are isnt safe, get out of that country.
I speak to you with candor, and to me, this is real.
For if you leave this world, I want you to know how I feel.
You promised me forever,
I guess forever wasn't as long as we thougt.
&& I wish he knew;;
He is the only one,
That can make me feel this way.
love me. if you wont, then you arent worth the time it would take for me to love you.
you ask me how i am...i say im fine. but of course, im lying.

im not fine. my shirt is soaked. hair, too. from crying, then going outside and running around in my yard in the pouring rain as fast as i could, crying as hard as i wanted.

but...i dont tell you that. because right then, she puts her arm on ur shoulder, and you turn ur attention to her, and i walk away slowly, silently wishing i could switch places with her.
How do you spell school??

I'm sick of all the lies
the talking behind my back
You call me your friend,
but you don't really mean it
so why do u fake it?
why can't you just let me move on and stop dragging me back in?
i just need time to be me
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