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Love is when you miss the person everytime they aren't in your arms.
Love is when you tell them you want to be with them for as long as possible.
Love is when you tell a person that you never want to let go.
True love is when you have loved so long that you really can't let go.

~I make my own quotes please don't take credit~

without music life would be a mistake.
This is me.....I went to middle school, made new friends, lost old friends, then I lost my new friends, at the end I had one friend left, and that friend I never wanna lose because she is the reason im still living<3! <That it a true story, I-M me at babyygirl008 (aol screen name)
if that happend to you, or if you wanna talk.
             /        l----l  \
       _____/         l    l   \________
------!               l----l            \
 -----!        ...             ...       \
------!_______;   ;__________;    ;_______\
              ;   ;          ;    ;
               ...            ...

^race-car, it didnt come out good. oh well.
If i should stay, then i would only be in your way. We both know that im not the kind of girl you want. You want the tipe of girl who is all short skirt love to flirt thing who always cares how she looks. Well im the kind of girl who wears nike's instead of heels and plays sports 24/7. You just dont seem to care anymore about what goes on. It kills me inside to say were done. But I know now that you never cared. So thanks for making me feel
&i'd break concrete
falling fo you.
You said you Would love me forever
Well i guess i didn,t know what forever ment
Will You

Will you hold me close,
Will you take my breath away.
Will you help me when I'm falling to the floor,
Will my heart beat faster,
Everytime I see your face.
Will you help me belive?
Help me belive that we'll be fine.
Now I need to belive or I'll be left behind.
Help me understand,
What happens next...
In our realationship
Will you help me understand?
Will you leave me in the dirt?
Will you leave me when I'm hurt?
Will it hurt to understand?
Now I can't belive you!
You left me in the dirt
And now I am hurt
You never held me close,
Instead you pushed me far away.
When I fell to the floor,
My heart grew colder that day.
When you put up your hand,
My heart raised faster.
Whenever I saw your face,
I saw pain and disaster.
You did help me belive.
That you will hurt me,
I can't take it anylonger,
So I guess now I leave.
So I guess now I'm gone,
Don't chase after me.
Leave me alone,
What's done is done.
And you can't change the past.
I loved you so much,
But it just wouldn't last.
I gave you my heart,
My soul and my life.
You tore it apart.
And now I'm stuck here in striff.
Cause you made me belive,
That you really loved me.
But now I can see...


Please it took me 4-ever to make this please dont take credit for it...
When i walk bye with that single tear in my eye don't look at me
You have done enough to me and you don't need anything to hold against me
i don't want you to see me in this time of hurt and i don't want you to say that you miss me don't say it becuase just like evey little silly girl i'll belive it !
People look at me and my friends and think "omg i would LOVE to be them" but they have no clue what we go through daily. Painting our smiles with lipgloss and learning to pretend trhough life. having to laugh when we wanna CRY. being hurt b/c nobody thinks popular people have feelings too. and having boys treat our hearts like PLAY things. Well im through with it. I wanna have a life. Whr i kno who my TRUE blue friends are. The ones thatll be thr for me and not ditch me when thr popular enough to stand on thr own. Sometimes i look at people with thr BEST FRIENDS and say "man i wuld kill to b that person" i mean i wuld trade my life with anyone at all. just to have real people who you kno you can trust. Someone that wont tell EVERY secret you ever told them. Someone thatll call me hot and sexy even tho thr are people around us. Someone wholl tell me they luv me for no reason in the hallway. Someone to walk to every class with that i kno i can laugh and joke around with. Someone who see's all the suffering i go through. Anyone wholl just listen to my thoguhts and feelings, anyone who knos more about me than ME. someone wholl sing me my song when i lost the words. someone wholl tell me when i wear hidious clothes, a girl wholl pick out my precious bras for me every once and i will. but most importantly someone who CARES.
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