Quotes added on Friday, September 28 2007

I dont have any friends, or best friends, I only have siters<3
Alyssa: Do you like Bawls?
Paul: Yeah, what kind?
Me: Mexican..


Me: Hey Jess.. Do you like Bawls?
Jess: What kind?
Me: Italian..
Like Boyfriendss;;
But, The Best Ones;;
Are Always There;;
For Yu.
[ Bffl names or initials ]
Don't let people;;
See you;;
Or depressed;;
It hurts them around you..
I'll be just fine
Pretending I'm not
I'm far from lonely
And It's all that I've got

-All That I've Got
-The Used
Everything You do makes me smile
can i not like it for a while?
This ones for the girl who's felt the pain of a heartbreak. For the girls who's been called unwelcome things. whos lost a friend. a girl who has gotten an eff on a test. Whos sung the lyrics to a friends song when the words have been forgotten. A girl who's been stabbed in the BACK. who's had a best friend. to a girl whos had a boyfriend. a girl whos wanted to b older. a girl who wanted to learn how to pretend, and to girls who have painted on smiles and learned to pretend. THIS one goes OUT to YOU. we all SHARE your pain at somepoint
What do you do when You have a boyfriend and You love him more than anything in the world
but then there is this one guy
you like and he likes you and
want to go out with him
but you love r boyfriend and dont ever
want to break up?

not mine but fits SO PERFECT
Sometimes I wonder
what I've ever done to deserve
How in the world
did I get this amazing guy?
And to tell you the truth,
I still don't know the answer.
You're everything that I could ever hope for,
and I love you with all my heart!
You make me happy =]
That's all I could ever ask for.
The feeling you give me is AWESOME
and I never want to let it go
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