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"true love"

she was a girl; & he was a boy.
they both fell in love,
what can i say?
she had him;
& he had her.
aren't they lucky?
they both lived happy
until one day.
something bad happened;
what can i say?
he cheated on her;
so she cheated on him.
but she never forgot her one true love.
she tried to move on over & over again.
but no matter how hard she tried
she never forgot;
he forgot everything;gotmarried;and had a kid.
but she never forgot.
no she never forgot.
it all built up inside her
until one day it all ended
with a BANG! and a bullet
her life was over
and finally gone
but she still never forgot
he heard the news
& finally realized
she was the one
the one for him.
his one true love.
but now it was too late,
she was gone
never forgiving;
& never forgetting.
he couldnt take it
regret building;
feeling the balme.
tension rising
going c r a z y
finally it was ll too much
with a knife, and lots of blood.
he laid there; lifeless...
but seeing nothing
never forgetting
and never forgiving
their wait was over now
high school sweethearts reunited again
trying to forgive
and trying to forget
but ever remembering
the heart break
of true love. <3
remind me again why i fell in lovee with you♥

editsss aree gorgeee <3
beE efF eFf eLLSs fOr lIfEE
I miss him to death. I want to so badly be in his arms. Life around me disappears when I'm with him.
And now I'm alone. As cold as can be. My skin colder than ice. Pale as the whitest clouds in the sky. I want to be able to see his face before I die. But the thing is, is that is not possible. Because he doesn't love me anymore and never wants to see me again. I met him when I was thirteen and he promised me that he would always love me and never wants to see me go. And just as I was going to give up hope. He showed. Crying the purest tears I've ever seen. He leaned over me and whispered in my ear.
Do you remeber what I told you when
we were kids...
I still mean it,
I love you baby.
When i start thinking about him and how he makes me laugh and how he makes me feel i relize i care for him more then ever
Keep smiling boy..you're what keeps her alive!
Live your life on hope. Becasue if you belive and have hope for all that you do you will succeed and do what you want to do and be who you want to be. I hoped that I wouldn't need to kill myself because of depression and here I am typing such sweet simple words. You need to realize that if you have the tinyest bit of hope you will thrive on with whatever you set your heart and hope to.

Belive in hope, Belive in yourself.

to state the obvious i didnt get my perfect fantasy
i realize that you love yourself more than you could ever love me
so go ahead and tell all your friends that im obsessive and im crazy
thats fine ill tell all of mine youre gay!

--taylor swift; picture to burn
1234 tell me that you love me more<3
met you as a stranger.
took you as a friend.
hope to meet again in heaven.
were friendship never ends.
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