Quotes added on Monday, October 1 2007

Truth or Dare
Truth do you love me
Dare prove it

not mine but i liked it
~Pain in the grass~
Live to Play
Play to Live
Goodbye Love Goodbye.
I'll hold my tears back and try not to cry.. </3
Don't ask me why im a vegetarian.
Ask yourself why your not.

Go vegetarian save a life.
Holding onto broken hearts
memories are what's left of us
you're trying too hard to be my friend
& i'm placing all our pictures in
these broken frames to remind
me never to fall in love again…
ime stands still when no one understands
you and you don't quite understand yourself.
Today didn't have to be this way, tomorrow
is another day, another chance to make
things right..
We're friends, real friends.
& that means, no matter how long it takes,
when you finally do decide to look back,
I'll be here.
Yo i was watching Scary Movie 4 last night and what the dude on there said is true...

" If you're missing then you neva turn up, but if you turn up then you were never missing."
That is some deep stuff man!!! It really got me thinking but it is true. Think about it then maybe you won't think I'm crazy!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! :)
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