Quotes added on Tuesday, October 2 2007

&+ the way she smiles is the way its meant to be ; you and her are perfect for eachother both very perfect in your own way ; you make her giggle just cause you smiled at her and she makes you smile just cause shes the most beautiful girl in your eyes ; yah shed kill to love you but too much has gone wrong before ; show her how to love again and baby youll have to key to her heart <33
in life, we do things. some we wish we had never done, and some we wish we could replay a million times. they make us who we are and in the end, they shape and detail us. if we were to reverse them we wouldnt be the person we are today so just live. make mistakes and have wonderful memories cause its lifes little bumps and bruises that make us who we are <3
we gOtta hOld On tO what we gOt.
It dOesnt make a difference if we make it Or nOt</3
we've gOt eachOther & thats alOt fOr lOve.
well the future's got me worried such awful thoughts
my head's a carousel of pictures, the spinning never stops
but now i've got to crawl to get anywhere at all
i ' m n o t a s s t r o n g a s i t h o u g h t
I'm a cartoon, You're a full moon
let's stay up.
He is gone and done with now i need a new one
he looks at me every day but i don't like him
Hey all you "sports" players!! I know how it is...i know that cheerleading AND softball AND gymnastics AND volleyball AND whatever else you wanna add are all hard. I play all of them. I know how painful it is to get your braces stuck to your lip from getting kicked in the face doing a twist craddle. I know how painful it is to cut your leg open from sliding on the opposite leg. I know how bad it hurts when you get nailed in the face with a volleyball and are expected to get back up and play your hardest. I know how hard it is to keep going through your routine even though you just landed on your face falling off a beam. OK! they are all equally hard. and i swear of you've never cheered before SHUT UP! ok it is hard. it is painful. WE DO CONDITION. If we drop ONE stunt we have to do 150 crunches and 10 laps around the school. so if you've never cheered please don't say we just do it for the attention. Most of us hate it but we couldn't imgaine our lives without it. ASK ANY CHEERLEADER!
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