Quotes added on Tuesday, October 2 2007

~~~~~~~Ya catch me wen I fall~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~except me flaws n all~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~n thatsz y I love you'h~~~~~~~~
When he compliments you on your new shirt that is when you kno you are in love ♥♥
I love you to much to lose ya sweet darling...i'll stay by your side ♥
I dont understand why I stress the man when there are so many bigger things at hand
my tears dry on there own !!!!!!
I dont play hard to get I am hard to get
One day you'll wake up and realize how amazing she is...at the same time she's waking up next to the guy who already knows....
to be afraid of what's different, is to be afraid of life
love the life you live.
( ) Some people come into our lives
\ ( and leave footprints in our hearts
\_) and we are never ever the same
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