Quotes added on Friday, October 5 2007

forever used to be a main word in our
vocabulary, then reality set in. a time
when my mac and cheese was better than her
lobster dinner. when kisses were enough, and
sunday nights were the greatest. cuddling was
a priority and bear hugs were a necessity.
when we saw eachother every day and promised
no school would tear us apart. nothing would
ever tear us a part. now all i hear is it's going
to be break time and i have to prepare myself
every morning hoping to god that it's not going
to be today. after one long year of being together
sometimes it seems like we're about to slip. you
promised we would be the best of friends forever,
and you even proposed to me on the beach. then
you said it was a tough question to ask, and i
almost just threw out the ring. i'm old enough
to know better, young enough not to care, but for
you my darling. i would miss your bitter sweet
love songs, that you would play for me every day.
i would miss your mothers meat loaf and trying
to find your cat, he ran away. i would miss you
calling me at 3 because you miss me. and i will
miss the great feeling of your touch. i can not
will not refuse too loose you, but i know some
day i will... i want you to be the man i stand next to saying "until death does us part" but right now your pushing me away. yes, one long year
has crashed and burned, one long year in my state
of mind. all because reality set in.
no one would understand us. we're
two crazy kids who have been in love
for years. were as real as cory and
topanga. we're as vibrant as the sun
and we're more in love than you think.
we're smart about our relationship,
and i just want you to know, that i will
never be one hundred percent ready to take
a break, but i'll just want you to smile baby.
dear ______,
we've been together for a year now.
and let me just say it has been the
best damn year of my life. don't break
this smile baby. please don't.
i'd rather regret what i [d i d]
than what i was too scared to [t r y]
so your just gonna let her go?
and now i know how much of a jerk you are when i am finally getting closer to you...
so i kinda like this kid alot.
i wrote him a note asking if he liked me,
and he circled no. that made me cry.
soo we went on just being FRIENDS.
a couple days later, he asked me out.
i said yea. but i still wander, does he
really like me or no??
I know you dont love me
but i wish it wasnt true
because i just cant keep my [mind] off you
</3 and im just so heartbroken </3
&& im a little girl
who just got her heartbroken
i had my makeup all perfect for you...
until the tears came and messed it up
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