Quotes added on Sunday, October 14 2007

Da lovely smile dat lit my way
Those pearls of laughter that made my day
Those beaming lips dat played me on
I thought this day would never come
when i first posted this quote i wrote some of it wrongg..soo here it is the correct way

it's been 3 whole days since I've had sleep
cause i dream of her lips on your cheek
and i got the point that i know i should leave
u alone but we both know that I'm not that
strong and i miss the lips that once made me fly
x-boyfriend to x-girlfriend....

x-boyfriend: so you dont want to kiss me
x-girlfriend: no

(she meant no as in "i do want to, but i cant")
broken hearts cant compare
to the shattered glass im
walking on

All the lost hopes&& deathly
dreams, love is frozen over
and im left on my own
you dont return my phone calls
you never "have time" to hang out anymore
everything is about your boyfriend
you dont care about me or how i feel anymore
i thought i was supposed to be your best friend
i thought freinds came first before boyfriends
well i guess i am wrong and all things change
i wish you were the same person you used to be
but i guess people change...
i guess its gonna have to hurt
i guess ima have to cry

a just because she comes off strong,
doesn't mean she didn't fall asleep crying.
even though she acts like nothing is wrong,
maybe, just maybe, she's really good at lying.
your the shine to my sun,
the milk to my cookies,
the jelly to my peanut butter,
the ice cream to my cone,
but basically what in trying to say is :;
your the heart to my love <3
please dont draw my name in a heart :;
draw it in a circle cause they go on forever </3
and when you waved...
i knew i crossed your mind for 2 seconds <3
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