Quotes added on Wednesday, October 17 2007

He is confusing se he tappes on my window to talk to me at nigh and you think things are going good when he says i have to go but i cant i want to see your face longer but then you get to school and he acts like im not even there so i tell my friend screw him

to badd i still love him
No matter how badd he treats her she still cant stop thinking about him and how much she loves him he screw her over and she crys her freinds tel her to forget about him but she cant he already stole her heart and wont give it back she loves him and he treats her like crap
He is so cute. Way hott.fly.tottally great
He is so funnie. way smart. totally perfect
to badd i only have a little bit of him
just cuz he wants to keep us a secret
My family and freinds told me not to waste my time on you or fall for you but your so funny cute and sweet i fell for you but you are about to dropp me you barley trying to keep me from hittin the ground
take all the crap of yur back and flush it down the toilet<3
I like him. I like him alot. I really really like him. too badd he doesnt relize this. He doesnt relize i think about him all the time. i just wish he would show me the attention i deserve
He says im not just some gurl
too badd actions speak louder than words
he actslike im not there like we didnt make out last night and the night before or like we never talked when im right in flippin front of him
single [x] taken [ ] looking [ ] crushing [x]
im feeling something different something strange at home when im here i think about him dream wierd things but when i see pictures or him it just brings all the memories of our old friendship and where we ended as friends i feel tingles inside and dont know what to do at school i feel chills down my spine even when i hear teachers calling his name on the speaker but no one to tell i feel all bottled up inside and have no clue if my real feelings are there or if there not ....or if i have big feelings for him..........
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