Quotes added on Wednesday, October 17 2007

Just one more chance,
Just one time,
I'll prove that I'm the
--one and only girl--
who will absolutly love you
i dont have a motor boat but i can
float your boat...<3
it’s not fair how you take advantage of the fact that I Love you beyond the reason why And it just ain’t right<3
I hope you know you'll look back on this one day and regret it,
***I won't***
You're just the boy I was willing to give my heart to,
I'm the girl you ((almost)) had...
She b r o k e d o w n
after staying strong [for too long]
So i met this boy
He swept me off my feet on day one
&& He still hasnt put me down
Best friends are always there and will always have your back but friends will betray u and they wont care. Highschool tells all....
&&shes just tired of being left out in the rain.
she comes off soo strong..
..you'd never know there was something wrong.
and anyone who tryed to deny you

-coldplay =)
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