Quotes added on Wednesday, October 17 2007

life is too short to be unhappy
so live it up & 
drink em down. 
laugh as much as you b r e a t h e
we dont have a lot of reason in the things that we believe in ;; so ill believe in you.

-ronnie day
im on the outside of truth and looking in on you.
& if i go overboard
im begging you to
f o r g i v e me.
everyones leaving

by peter, bjorn, and john
title - young folks.
( love this song, took me forever to find )
im listening to the music with no fear.

( the words "no fear" underlinded, bold, color, something)
&& at the end of the day.
its what your left with
that counts.

mine =)
not too good.
im new
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