Quotes added on Friday, October 19 2007

babii i need you..
idk wat to do anymore
all i ever feel is hurt
please tell me its gonna end
please tell me it will go away
just make the world stop
so i can get off this crazy ride
make this be one big nightmare
let me wake up in your arms
let me wake up to your face
let me wake up to your love
prove your always gunna be there
just make this all go away <|3
im not with stupid
i broke up with him
you may be 99% sure you hate someone
but you always have to find that 1% of love for them no matter what they put you through
everyone tries to impress that special ;;
someone, but if you can't get them by being *
a© [( yourself )] ©a
then they can't be that special <|3
waitfortherightquy *
but in the m e a n t i m e ,
have fun with the wronq oness
I bite my tongue everytime I see you because blood in my mouth is better than tears in my eyes.
of course i'll miss your smile..but what i'll really miss..is my own....
im here but im not her you get it fine be that way bye
whenever people ask me
"what do you see in her"
i just smile and answer
"everything you don’t"
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