Quotes added on Friday, October 19 2007

What do you do
when you're all alone
and nobody cares? </3
&& she sat there all alone,
wishing for him
E V E R Y D A Y;;
she draws 3 hearts and a star
[[three wishes for love.]]
I could fast forward;;
just to see if you were worth the wait
She told him she loved him
&& all he said was;;
I know, I love me too.
How come;;
that when you stop wanting something;;
it starts to want you
If you live to be 100, I want to live to be 99, so I never have to live a day without you.
&& baby. Im in a bit of a pickle
I wanna be a [CUCUMBER]
Who do you chose?
The one that loves you;;
or the one you love?
She's so sexyy.
She Makes the boys go wexy.
^^ gts withs the bff
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