Quotes added on Friday, October 19 2007

&& everyone told her dance wasn't a sport.
She said
I work six hours a day
on my tip toes.
and all you do is run around kicking ball.
And you tell me dance isn't a sport?
dont cry over something so stupid,
cause one day your gonna realize that
there are worse things you could cry about </3
i was so impressed when i was ur girl.
i look back now and see that i was so blind.
so so so blind.
thank gawd you ended it bc i might have never
i love the way love makes everybody just that more appealing.
i love it.
bc it makes you so so so so blind.
impressive- ha.
love. l-o-v-e. lo-ve.l-ove. lov-e.

no matter how you split it up, break it down, its still love, and love cannot be destroyed, after all is said and done love lives on, giving us all that hope, that passion, it KILLS us. and when we are released from its grasp we want soo much more yet we don't.
love. split it up. break it down. your just hurting yourself.
you don't like rain?
i do.
it reminds me of pain.
i like pain.
you don't?
well, i love rain.
i like that band they scare me.
in a good way, give me a feeling,
in the pit of my stomach, i can't
describe it.
oh. you don't?
ok, well i am gonna go dance,
in the rain.
oh, you don't want to?
ok then. while i am in the rain,
you should go see her,
run off and cheat.
yeah, i know.
you didn't?
well, that is cute.
go.go, ahead.
we are done.
if you never fell in love,
you are probably dreaming about it wishing it would hit you,
well don't bc
love is like a curse
you can't escape it,
and yet you grow to like the heat of someone near you,
until it's all taken away.
and when you watch him
without even a
GLANCE back,
you realize what curse it was.
bc you can't shake off how much you
love him still
even though he is th eone who
what a freaking curse.
for those who say that perfection isn't possible
they must have never seen an emo haircut.
they are why the word "perfect" was invented.
why is what i am doing any of your business?
had enough yet?
can't you just shut up plz?
no, i'm sorry i can't.
lol. ok then fine be that way.
lol. that is it we're done.

see how this looks like a fight well actually this is just erin and i messin around, bein dumb [ not uncommon].
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