Quotes added on Friday, October 19 2007

what is your dream?
how mant people have told you it is impossible?
well screw them. screw it all. just take a deep breath and walk onto the stage take a bow and start. and never stop.

omg that is not even 1/10000 of the things we do yet it is it all. [ ok that was way to deep for me. idk wat that even means lol}
bffaes r 4ever not just 4 wen ppl want suttin from u.
lord of the mushroom dragons funny=lotmdf
my new thing dontEVEN think of using it!
love: a mysteryist word, few ppl know the meaning of it...do you?
why does the person who you like always like somebody else<3
secrets are no fun
Secrets can hurt someone </3
It was all a dream.
Like damn.
Thats hott.
Don't you miss the days
When being high meant that you were above everybody on the swingset
When shooting up meant getting the cootie shot
When boys had cooties
When your biggest problem was getting stuck with the yucky popsicle
When hot meant the sun was shining to bright
&& When he wasn't around to shatter your world but still make you completely and totally in love with him
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