Quotes added on Sunday, October 21 2007

Boy i AIN'T a
So DON'T play me!
When you walk away i count the steps that u take can u see how much i need u right now and when your gone the pieces of my heart are missing u and when ur gone the face i came to kno is missing to when ur gone all the words i always hear to help me get through the day and make it ok i miss you
Ho3s ThAt TaLk SmAcK
GoN' gEt ThEiR fAcEs CrAcKeD
in like -x and out like -o
please go out with me,
and dont say no <3
& he looks at those silly
quotes in my profile :;
but doesnt he ever get
the idea that theyre
all about him ? <3
once in a while
you gotta stand up for something,
or youll fall for anything -xo
I've got my hands in my p.o.c.k.e.t.s
& my head in the [[clouds]]
This is how I do; when i t.h.i.n.k
about YOU
is like a breeze
You can't [[SMELL]] it
You can't [[SEE]] it
But you can [[FEEL]] it

- A Walk To Remember
And thinking about you makes everything better, and your the reason for the smile on my face..the reason why i take so long to get ready just to leave the house for 5 minutes...and i l o v e you sooo much....But you'll n e v e r kno.
Who do you believe
One of your closest friends
who has lied before.
or a guy friend who never lies?
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