Quotes added on Monday, October 22 2007

i cry so hard...inthisplaceicallmyhome.......
inthisroomicallmyowm, and NOBODY knows that im a beautiful suicide...WASTED ON HIM.
Are you reffering to the fact that i cant walk across a stable surface without finding something to trip over?
when i think about it...only my "friends" have seen the R E A L me, everyone else see's who i
p r e t e n d to be.
life isnt easy
love hurts,
boys lie
friends stab
people die
parents yell
You always try
&&your never good enough and you dont know why!
One last slit in my wrist cant hurt i say to myself...I deserve this... he said i wasnt Pretty enough. I see the blood falling down my arm. and the white carpet turn crimson RED. And before i know it people are screaming.."shes losing blood dramatically, call 911" im in the hospital people all around. "Your not going to live.." People crying...whyed i do this i thought to myself, i made all these people so terribly sad, And before i know it my eyes turn so cold. and i cant move..my spirit is drifting off to the clouds...and everyone knows me as THEBEAUTIFULSUICIDE.
you say i broke you heart, but i say it looks
f i n e im still picking up the pieces of m i n e
ive got a smile on my face and a [[screw you]] attitude cause from this day on im living my life for me.
i want to be known for the girl who smiles even though my heart is broken...and i want to be known for brightening your day even though i cant brighten my own.
so sick of trying, so tired of crying, yeah im smiling but on the inside im DYING
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the movie " the nightmare before christmas"
i also lovvvvvvvvvvve the band Paramore, fall out boy and panic!at the disco.
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