Quotes added on Tuesday, October 23 2007

its that time again...
tryin to let go of so much
but theres just one thing
that i wanna hold on to forever
the one thing that keeps me goin
yup its you. wonderful you
u have my heart.
and to let you know i dont want it back
This Is My Prayer
Everynight I say a prayer for you
Asking for you to be happy
Asking God to keep you with me
This is my prayer for you

Everynight I say a prayer for me
That the heart ache would leave me
That I would find true happiness
This is my prayer for me

Everynight I say a prayer for her
That she will come to this world healthy and strong
That she will know we both love her
This is my prayer for her

Evernight I say a prayer for us
That we will someday fall in love together
That the three of us will be a real family
Yes, this is my prayer for you, me and her
Giving up doesn't mean you're weak; sometimes it means you're strong enough to let go.
having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card!!!!!!!!!!
your a fool, im a pool, when we go ballin, all the others be callin.
so let's leave it how it is, you like that and me like this, so let's just make up and kiss!!!!!!
basketball is our favorite sport we play it on a rectangular court, the girls beat the boys and wind them up like toys.
the girls won cuz we are a team, let's just all go eat ice cream.
Please forgive me for the things that i've done
You were my best friend, my number One

all quotes by me were written by me & not taken off the web.
Your lipstick, His collar, Dont bother angel i know exactly wut goes on...
She has a picture inside her mind of how she wants her it to be
But she knows in her heart she could never love anyone as much as she loved him

And it hurts her when she sees him with another girl, when it hurts him that that other girl isnt her.
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