Quotes added on Wednesday, October 24 2007

can't waste time so give me the moment, i realize nothings broken. don't need to worry about everything i've done, lived every second like it was my last one. don't look back in a new direction, i loved you once and needed protection. your still a part of everything i do, your on my heart just like a tatoo, just like a tatoo, i'll always have you!!!!!!
do you know how to touch a girl. if you want me so much first i have to know. are u thoughful and kind, do you care whats on my mind, or am i just for show. you'll go far in this world, if you know how to touch a girl. ~how to touch a girl by jojo~
good friends make all the bad times worth it.
i've never felt like this before, everything that i do reminds me of you. and the clothes you wear they lay on the floor, and they smell just like you i love the things that you do. when you walk away i count the steps that you take, dont you see how much i need you and now. when your gone the pieces of my heart are missing you and when your gone the face i came to know is missing too and when your gone all the words i need to hear wont always get me through the day and make it okay i miss you!!!!!!
when youre gone all i do is cry
i still do not know the reason why
you left me here so all alone
why you went so far away from home
youre still in my heart
youre still in my dreams
no matter what people say
boy were still a team.
i want a picture of you so i can tell santa exactly what i want of christmas.
there are many ships to sail the sea but the best ship is friendship.
i love you, i have loved you all along, and i miss you been far away for far too long, i keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go, stop breathing if i don't see you anymore.
dont forget about late nights playin in the dark and wakin up inside my arms boy youll always be in my heart and i can see it in your eyes you still want it dont forget about us
god made us best friends
because he knew our moms couldn't handle as sisters
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