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it is a river witha rock radur
Whenever you talk all i hear is blah blah blah....Because im too busy gettin lost in your eyes.
hold me tonight,
like an angel in the sky
hold me so tight
cause in your arms i feel so high
you broke my heart right from the start
i never let you go, hold me tonight
(( cause i neeedddd youuuu ))
--- technoo songg xx lovess !
hold me tonight by DJ styles
everything is all i want ( a saturday night )
& ill get all my fellas with my hunny by my side
dj spins the records till it hits the morning light *& everythings gonna be ok, cause its a saturday, aint thinkin bout monday or tuesday or wendesday its alright aint thinkin about thursday or friday, cause tonight is saturdayy nightt<3

best song. dj cammy saturday nite
the best parts in the middle of the songg<3
i want to feel your touch,
you know its easier (( if we get closer ))
i*m not asking for too much,
i just get this feeling - over & over,
cause its just you, that i see
nothing but you i feel so free,
i just get this feeling- over & over
you make me feel, high on life when im with you-
i can flyyyyyyyyyy<3 i wouldnt stop this feeling.

djcammy = high on life. love it?of course you do(;
I wish they would see you the way I do.
If I took a picture of your smile it still wouldn't capture the moment.
i'd rather die tomorrow than to live 100 years without knowing you. <3 -poccohontas
Our friendship is like a mountain beautiful but rocky. Its like a book you can read it over and over but never understand it. Its like like a rubber ball it always bounces back. But most of all its like a rose that will evetually fade.
Its too bad she thinks she has it better. But the truth is she doesn't because she doesn't have you.
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