Quotes added on Sunday, October 28 2007

She walks down halls people say whats wrong
She anwsers back nothing just having a bad day
Well she give that same anwser over and over again
You wanna know because ever since you left her
Everyday is a bad day
She doesnt even wanna get up
She has thoughts of suside
Only reason why she doesnt is because of you
To see your smile means the world to her
&& then when she sees you with her
Thats when her world gets crushed again
I could tell you his favorite colors green and blue
He loves to be right, born on the 5th
Wants 1 girl 2 boys
I always know why he is mad sad angry happy
I know everything about him
And if you asked me if I still love him,
Iíd lie
I cry over him
Nobody knows
Yes we are over
Yes i ended it
But i want him back
But nobody knows
And if you asked me if I still love him,
I'd lie.
Sometimes we don't do things we want to do so that others won't know we want to do them.
-the village
Kitty Walker: Good afternoon, Lucius. I wanted to... tell you something.
[Lucius stares at her]
Kitty Walker: I love you, Lucius. I love you... like the day is long! I love you more than the sun and the moon together. And if you feel the same way, then we should not hide it any longer.
[Lucius continues staring, deadpan]
Kitty Walker: It's a gift, love is! We should be thankful! We should bellow it out with all the breath in our lungs! Thank you! Thank you!
[Lucius, looking slightly incredulous and concerned now, just stares]
Kitty Walker: THANK YOU!
[Lucius continues staring as Kitty smiles]
Kitty Walker: [cut to Kitty screaming and sobbing loudly in her bed]
-the village..im sorry i thought this part was hilerious
Anyone can make me smile, anyone can make me cry but it takes BesT FrienDs and that ONE guy tp make me smile with tears in my eyes.
its all about blood, sweat, and tears cause LoVe means facing your BIGGEST fears.
It's not about who you've known the longest
it's a bout who's never left your side.
& sometimes i wish he knew me
the way my real friends do ..
then maybe he'll wanna
change his mind </3

dont have edits for them but
ill make them special for youu ;]
just i/m !
some poeple show off the [ beauty ]
because they want the world to see it
others try to hide ther [ beauty ] because
they want the world to see something else

edits -
italisize - show, see, see
bold - show and hide
underline - show , something and else
Without you, Iím without my soul,
Itís your hand Iíve always wanted to hold.
Without you, Iím not at all whole
To get your love, has always been my goal.
All, I guess Iím trying to say,
Is I hope you have a good Valentineís Day!

((this kid tim worte this for me last valentines day =D . tahnks tim ))
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