Quotes added on Monday, October 29 2007

The day i felt
That i wasnt going to make it through.
Boy, thats the day.
I got over you[<3]
Trust me, I know how it feels.
I know exactly how it feels to cry
in the shower so no one can hear you.
I know what it's like to wait for everyone
to be asleep so you can fall apart,
for everything to hurt so bad you
just want it all to end.
I know exactly how it feels.
she sits in her room,
lights turned off, phone disconnected.
cut off from the outside world.
as the first tear runs down her face,
all the memories of before come back.
and it hurts more then any thing physical.
after time passes, you keep entering her thoughts.
but, you wouldn't understand if she told you.
the worst thing in the world is being so sick of life.
just so sick of everything.
it's even worse when there's no one to turn to,
not one shoulder to cry on,
no one to promise you 'everything will be okay.'
it's those days when nothing is going right.
when you go unnoticed, when you feel so alone.
i was falling apart enough with you around
and now that you're gone, i don't know what
to do with myself. i hope you're doing well.
i hope you're happy, but most of all,
i hope you miss me too.
i'm mad at myself not you. i'm mad for always
being nice; always apologizing for things i
didn't do. for getting attached and for making
you a huge part of my life
little did i know that you're just another
dead end road, paved with pretty little
lies and broken dreams.
yeah, they talk about her.
& she smiles like she's so tough.
she says "hey, can you talk a little louder?"
"i don't think my heart's broken enough."
sometimes i wonder if you ever
think of me & what we used to be.
there are moments when you look at me,
and i see a flicker of something in your eyes,
like you wish you could say something but you don't it's times like these i miss you the most.
Of course she's going to say she's
happy for you, and flash
that smile you used to love
but look into those eyes;
you broke her.
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