Quotes added on Tuesday, October 30 2007

you don't know how much i love you. you don't know how much i cry when you aren't with me. you don't know how much you mean to me. you don't know how much pain i'm going through because of you...heck, you never will! i hope someday you'll realize how much i really care about you (SOO MUCHH!) and how much i love you (AS IF WE WERE ENGAGED!!). wake up sleepy head!!
i cry myself to sleep each night..knowing that we will never be together, knowing that i can't get over you, knowing that i will always care about you as if you were my boyfriend, knowing that i will always love you!
i still remember the day i met you. it was love at first sight...for me. what i told everything about me is true. heck,ni was afraid of opening up. don't ask cuz i don't know. i pray each night, i make a wish at 11:11 each night, hoping that we will be together..i'm sorry if i love you a lot. you're just so perfect. you're simply perfection babe. every cute photo, every song reminds me of you. i don't know what to do anymore with out you here. i don't belong here when i'm not with you. please babe..i love you more than anything and more than anyone in this world! i care so much about you. you will never understand how much i love you, how much you mean to me, and how much i care about you!!
out shopping.
shopping always puts you in a happy mood [=
at school.
getting some edjukatshion!
i learned a very good lesson from my last relationship;don't change your self over a guy. no matter how hawt he can be..
love is life a flower like is grow ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
When he breaks up with you, its just kills you inside. He says you can still be really good friends, but you know the truth. The friendship and the trust that you had with him. Since he broke up with you for her, you cant just go back to being really good friends.
When I see you my heart shatters all over agian.
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