Quotes added on Thursday, November 1 2007

You can't learn from a lesson
if you don't make the mistake.
it's okay to need someone else.
that's what makes us strong. that's
what makes us human
I'm not in kindergarden anymore...
what you say about me and how you call me names dosen't phase me anymore.
~WhEn the CowBoYs are PlaYiN HaRd to GeT its NicE to HaVe a FaSt hOrSe!
I don't think you see it boy,
Sure I said we could be friends,
But that doesn't mean its over for me,
I don't know if it will ever be truly over for me
Sometimes it seems like you feel the same,
But if thats the case why can't you just say it?
I'm standing here with my heart in my hand waiting for you,
Don't be afraid, I did it, so can you
NO-1 2...................
~Talk 2 at 1 in the morning
~think of during the day
~write name on my hand
~talk 2 freinds about
and mostly.......
OMG <3CHEERLEADING<3 is A Sport b/c u can get hurt just like any other sport u can win trophy like any other sport u can have fans like any other sport and lots more things so i dont think tht pple shud think tht CHEERLEADING is not a sport

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When will he ever just love me and me only?!
Watching them together is like a
you don't wanna look
but you just can't stop staring.
Don't judge her if you don't know her.
Did you know she goes asleep crying every night?
Did you know that she had an eating disorder?
Did you know she wanted to be dead?
I didn't think so.
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