Quotes added on Friday, November 2 2007

u look at me... i look away.
u touch me.. i faint..
u love me..
i love u too..
Your always there to pick me up when i fall, but where were you when i was falling?
So I lay my head back down
and I lift my hands and pray to be only yours...<3
Iv been waitin 4 a long tym, 4 some1 hu can make my dreams come true...
u'v been wit me 4 a long tym...
Helpin' me thru, all that I hav gotten thru [&&] Im thankful 4 everythin u do 4 me boi [&&] u know that I love u, Ill take care of anythin u'l ever need....<3
we shud break up....</3
cuz babi i luv it wen we kiss and make up..<3
wat hurts the most, is bein so close [&&] havin so much 2 say [&&] then watchin u walk away =[[ </3
u'r exceptional the way u are,
Don't need to change for nobody <3
HaWt as FiRe
CoLd as IcE
♥ ♥ ♥

make it gorgeous!
(she's weird)
/|\ / \

It doesn't matter what other people
Think of you.....it only matters what you
You were the one person I could look up to and u let me down.
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