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I never thought you could
break me apart
Sometimes you have to runaway
just to see who follows
People put walls up
not to keep people
But to see who cares enough
have you ever felt the way that i once felt, torn in half between a bff and your bf? well a freind is always there for you through everything and one boy isnt more inportant and if he really lijked you he'd wait!!!!♥♥
the definition of a bffae:
sumone who is always there for you
sumone yoU can trust with your life and you know they will NEVER tell!
you know if you lost them you wouldnt be able to live your life much longer
so to get to the point they are all you'll ever need.... in my opinion!♥♥
Dead Yesterday

She sat alone in the cold of the snow.
She wore her last piece of him around her neck on a silver chain.
A blue sapphire stone as beautiful as the twilight sky.Her breath shorting with every one she took.
Slowly dying.
The wind grew cold, ice.
Snow stinging her face.
She soon wanted her soul to be released.
ďI wanted to be dead yesterday!Ē
She screamed to emphasize all the pain and misery she felt.
ďGod please just take my soul.Ē
She missed him, trying to be with him.
Pleading God to kill her, to let her die.
She wanted to die because of him.
He was lost 23 years ago.
On her birth date.
ďWhat a wonderful birthday gift to see his face on this day.Ē
As the wind got colder and the snow fell harder.
She stopped breathing.
That stone in her hand.
And that girl died with a smile.

~They found her body 23 days later~
Burning hot like boiling blood.
Smoldering coals all threw out the space.
Water cannot stop it.
Only one can put it out.
A girl dies as the fire grows.
Her pale white turns to red as a rose.
She cries, longer and louder than ever before.
Dead. She thinks. Iím dead.
The fire burst and spit burning flames.
She screams.
If only the fire would die.
If it would just go out.
She confided it, with no air.
For as long as she could.
And as the fire went out.
Her life came to an end.

~The fire in her heart went out. And as she died she cried.~

She believes in hope.
Thatís what she based her life on.
She has hope for every little thing on this Earth.
Caring for everything she saw.
She believes in God.
Putting all her hope in his care.
Perfect, always, forever.
Wondering if sheíll ever see his face.
She believes in growth.
Planting trees when ones cut down.
Being gentle and cautious.
Fragile as snowflakes.
She believes in herself.
And can succeed at what she wants.
To do what she pleases.
And to find that one special person.
She believes in love.
Waiting for hi to come along.
Showing the world who she really is inside.
Being who she really is.

~She believes in Rebirth~
Missing You

Iíll be here forever is all I could say.
Iíll be here forever and everyday.
Iíll be here forever when you want me the most.
Iíll be here forever even when my heart looks like burnt toast.
Iíll be here forever if my love is worthwhile.
Iíll be here forever while Iím lying dead on the tile.
Iíll be here forever as my breath starts to cease.
And as my love for you starts to increase.
Iíll miss you forever because I love you that much.
To your beautiful eyes to your beautiful touch.
Iíll cry all the tears, down to every last one.
But my love for you is simply not done.
Iíll miss you forever cause your mine for the taking.
The sense of your touch is simply mind breaking.
Iíll cry if you say Iíve found someone else.
Iíll cry for you and itíll be my very last tear.
Iíll miss you forever and ever my dear.

~Iíll miss you forever if you ever leave,
and one thing I never want is you leaving me~
I Am Me

I can be who I want to be and know Iíll be alright.
I can succeed in anything I feel that is right.
If I want to be a singer Iíll put it on my list.
If I want to be a lion tamer oh, now thatís a twist.
I want to be me.
I am me.
I know in my heart, my soul, and my life.
That I am me.
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