Quotes added on Monday, November 5 2007

i dont wanna be everyones something; i wanna be something to someone. <3
Its not how you've known the longest.
It's who's always stayed by your side.
Heres to every person who thought it’d be cute to break my heart, to leave me in the dark. To every lie, to think it'd be cute to watch as every tear hit the floor.
The hardest part about growing up, is realizing you have to left go of what you were once used you & and move on with something that your not.
i wish i could say that you never cross my mind anymore..
so don't be afraid to make mistakes, stumble andd fall,
because most of the time, the greatest rewards come
from doing the things that scare you the most. maybe,
you'll get everything youu wishh for.maybe you'll gett
more then you could ever have imagined. who knows
where life willl take youu. the road is long, andd in the
end - - the j o u r n e y y is the d e s t i n a t i on.
--one tree hill
i bet you thought i couldnt make it. that id be broken and nothing witout you. welll, ive made it through, high and lows thick and thin. & im bettter then ever & i have to thank you for that. youve showed me its okay to cry and wonder why this would happen to me. showed me that everything always happens for a reason even if you dont know know what it is at first. and everyone has a purpose in life. youve helped me to know that theres always better things out there and when one door closes, many more open. youve shown me a whole new world. i have a new outlook on life. i have learned to watch who you give your love & trust to. i never thought i would be here. that i would ever be able to see you, or think of you, & have no regrets or feelings. & im glad i can truthfully say that. youve helped me alooot. & im a better person now. so, no you didnt breaak me. you only made me strongeer. <3
stick with your entree -->
& get oveer your sides.
lets flip a coin,
heads - im yours,
tails - your mine. <3
people ask me if i still love him..
i say i never stopped♥

make it cute <33
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