Quotes added on Tuesday, November 6 2007

It's a --~PROMISE~--
Not a Lable<3
"just because you were hurt doesn't mean you shouldn't bleed,
i can be anyone, anything; i promise i can be what you need"
It's a promise
Not something you tell someone to make them feel good!
im p.r.e.t.t.y but im not beautiful
i ||sin|| but im not the [devil]
im good but im not an angel !
something happens & you realize
the time you have is short
and you need to say the things
you've been meaning to say
& do the things you've always wanted to
because in a simple split second
time runs out.
When times seem rough
and you don't know what
to do.Come to me cuz I'm
always gonna be here for
We've been through a lot
but nothing has stopped
our tracks. Our friendship
is so tight. With us together
we'll always have each others
if people stopped wanting,they would never be disappointed.
because if you never want anything, when it doesn't happen or goes away, it doesn't hurt. there is no pain. but when we want it when we set ourselves up for destruction.
i wish i was still a little kid, who had never been hurt, that way i would look at the world with open arms instead of with worried eyes.
haha people say they hate fake ppl...its true i do too...but at the same time i don't cuz they're the ones that make me look good...soo keep caking on that make-up...you just make me look better!!!
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