Quotes added on Tuesday, November 6 2007

haha people say they hate fake ppl...its true i do too...but at the same time i don't cuz they're the ones that make me look good...soo keep caking on that make-up...you just make me look better!!!

time for me to go to the fake convention (school) =]
broken hearts </3
~&& empty bottles~
{{obsessed with thin}}
>like the top models<
]so much pain[
{((&& all the tears))}
welcome to your teenage years!!
I want to be your
one and only
Sure, I'm jealous about the lips you've kissed &
the hands you've held, but I don't care about being
your first, I only care about being your last.
Because [you] live and breathe
because [you] make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
because [you] live, boyy
my world has twice as many stars in the sky
i cant help hoping that as the moments slowly tick my you're thinking of me too. you say you love me but im just not sure anymore. you're all i think about anymore. you're all i dream about. and baby, as that shooting star flashes by, you're the only one i wish for. you make life worth struggling through. you're my drug and im addicted. you're my light when im sad. and i just couldn't picture my life without you.

i love you cody.
ok..for all the cheerleading is a sport it isn't a sport arguments..are you really changing anyone's opinions by arguing? i don't think so, and least you're not changing mine. Not saying i think it's a sport or i don't, because i have a point of view, but i don't think it matters. The cheerleaders think it's a sport, and others don't. Don't try to change others opinions on if it's a sport because everyone's entitled to their opinion. No one's going around telling people they should be a certain religion, it's a person's choice. (not saying a sport could ever compare to a religion) But just let everyone have their own opinion, because it's not fair to take that away from people. You don't have to agree with me, actually u can completely disagree and HATE me for all I care. I just wanted to let my voice be heard in all this insanity. :]
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