Quotes added on Friday, November 9 2007

In the end, all will be good, and if all isn't good; it isn't the end
&& here's to being love with someone, who is isn't in love with you.
&&& here's to being ingnored by the one person who never like to be ignored.
[[ bestiezz for life ]]]
In the end
people always turn out to be
the ones they promised they
i just want things to go back to the way they were
before the late night calls, before the online
convos that lasted for hours, before the texts
i got every night, before I fell for you.
i just want my life to go back to normal,
before all of this pain. ):
Kate leans back in her chair and looks around the cafeteria. smiles sparkle at her like flashbulds from all over the room. this is definitely the weirdest day of my life, kate decides. she wishes someone would come and explain why she's such a star all of a sudden. She wishes she could still talk to marylin. but wat would she say?
when the phone rings that afternoon, kaye answers,"hello?"
and then "hey marylin."
As it turns out, she no exactaly wat to say.
-The Secret Language of girls by Frances O'roork Dowell
why can`t you just love me like you used to?
big light green budz is what i burrn<33
sometimes in life, when you get overwhelmed
you have some sort of feeling that your going to crash and burn
if you believe in yourself
everything will turn out just finee<3!

all mine!!
LOVE is a battlefield♥
don't be afraid to fight back♥

all mine<3!
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