Quotes added on Saturday, November 17 2007

he takes my pain away
he makes me wanna fly away
to paradise that i always
going to be in
i love him more than
anythinggg i just wish
he would understand.
20 reasons to date a soccer player:
20)we r always on top
19)we'll do it newhere & netime
17)we go hard for 90 minutes
16)we leave the lights on for nite games
15)sweating is no problem
14)we kno how 2 head the ball
13)if we get hurt were back in the game 5 minutes later
12)overtime gets very exciting
11)we r used to scoring
10)we rnt afraid 2 get down & dirty
9)we kno how 2 get the ball in the box
we can do it in 11 different possitions
7)we get excited when we win
6)we suck when its cold
5)we r ready for nething that comes our way
4)we still perform well when the field is wet and sloppy
3)we yell when we like whats going on
2)we r used to ppl sliding into us
1)the games not over until someone scores
Im not short im travel seized
Less of a Marilyn more of a Jackie, Serious, Someone Classy and not to Tacky...
- Legally Blonde
Its too late baby theres no turning around
Ive got my hands in my pocket and my head in a cloud This is how i do when i think about you
- Hero/Heroine - by boys like girlsss
Some poeple show off the beauty
because they want the world to see it
others try to hide ther beauty because
they want the world to see something else.
Cause all the roads they lead to where you are
and all the streetlights shine like they were starslets spend tonight on top of the world
And we can do anything, we can be anything
I'll meet you tonight on the top of the world
As reall as it seems your only in my dreams
-On top of the world ~ boys like girls
everytime i see you or talk to you;; my heart shatters all over again.
but i cant stop. i still need you<3
Baby, why'd you have to leave me, why'd you have to go
I was counting on forever, now I'll never know
I cant even breathe
It's like I'm, looking from a distance, standing in the background
Everybody's saying, he's not coming home now,
This can't be happening to me
This is just a dream
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