Quotes added on Sunday, November 18 2007

When i first saw you
I was afraid to meet you
When i first met you
I was afraid to hold you
When i First held you
I was afraid to kiss you
When i first kissed you
I was afraid to love you
...but now that i love you i'm afraid to lose you
life isnt measured by the amount of breaths we take, but the number of times it takes our breath away.
+:: Whats worse...saying nothing and wishing u had...or saying something and wishing you didn't::+
I'm not a perfect girl.
My hair doesn't always stay in palce &
I spill things a lot. Im pretty clumsy &
sometimes I have a broken heart.
My friends & I sometimes fight &
maybe some days nothing goes right.
but when i think about it & take a step back
I rember how amazing life truly is
& taht maybe. just maybe. i like being
~save a rail
~grind a sk8er..♥
'Tis the season for my shower
I'll be back in half an hour
sometimes life isnt always the easiest
but you just have to take a step back
and look around to see everything you
already got && think about how much
all your friends && family love you.

[ just promise you will never give up just b/c you've had one bad day ]
Well last year was about the worst year ever.
one of my best-friends said she hated me then she got all of my other friends mad at me then she said all these rumors that werent true...one day i just decided i had enough and broke down i cried for hours i just wanted to get outt of this town but then i was just laying there in the middle of the night and thought "why am i letting her get to me" "she cant break me down"

the whole point of this story is that

[ dont give up yeah some people have more bad days than others but if you ever think that giving your life away just b/c there is some person bringing you down think again i promise things will get better but you cant go around feeling sorry for your-self all the time b/c then you decided things will never get better. ]

i hope this helped atleast someone..

im never giving
up on you i said
i would be here
&& so im here.
forever & ever.
anyday anytime.
i'm so tiired of pretendiing........
everythiing iis okayy>> my tear'sz are startiing to
show and my smiile iis fadiing away
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