Quotes added on Monday, November 19 2007

and not just nowbut forever ;
you will have thoes people that
will be good to you and
that will be bad to you
be there for thoes who were
always there for you || --
and not just now but forever
guys will come and go ;
choose the guy that you know
you could spend forever with;
and not just now but forever
live you life and nothing less
because life just isint worth
liveing less then what you have.
and not just not but forever ;
always belive in yourself and never
ever give up ; and not just now but
forever love thoes who love you ;
and not just now but forever always
attemp the things that you think you
could never acomplish ______<3

really cute edits
& love is more
then just haveing a boyfriend
its more like the butterflies
you get when he [ touches you ]
the way he leaves you breathless
when he k i s s e s you &+ and
when you find yourself in his arms
saying you yourself
"i love him"...ily [date]

really cute edits Im.
YoUr mY frIenDs anD WilL Be tIlL tHe ENd!
to: blonndie snickers and tater tot!!!
♥PlaY lIke U mEan It! aNd grItT U'r TeEtH!
Maybe it's not about the happy ending, maybe it's about the story.
"maybe we're all just like the aim man. running away from love, and only stopping for a quick instant message, before leaving and going away."
life is pointless......ur just gunna die anyway
whats it gonna take
to get you to notice me ? </3

brand new & super editss ;]
Everyday i make up lies telling myself that we weren't meant to be
but then i see you walk past me and you don't even look at me and i know..there is no lie good enough for me to believe it..
i decided to murder the sexiiest person on earth one day
then i realized tht would be suicide<3:]!
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