Quotes added on Monday, November 26 2007

only thing that keeps me up

when im feeling down

i dono bout you but i gotta keep mines around

coz i don luk i don search

and its hard 2 find another connie like mine

[ c o n n i e l i k e m i n e ]

xxxx <3 xxxx
baby all i can say is
" im trying my hardest "
My heart says he cares, my mind says he doesn't, my mouth says he will neva hurt me, but in all reality i really don't know. i care bout him but does he care as much as i? yea he says he does but but my friends say it's a lie. i really really love him and i kno that he can see, but was this whole thing really ment to be? All of his friends are my friends, and they say that he's true, but are they juss covering for him? I want to kno the truth...They say follow my heart but my heart is confusing so many other guys say dat they would be better and my friends say that i should leave him alone and find sumone new, but how do you turn off the feelings and juss forget? You can't and i dnt think i can turn away but i still have the little doubt in the back of my head.....<?3
b bakkk wayy l8a tryin 2 grow mii hair out as long as repunzuls, so he can come rescue me, wen im trapped in mii own feelings.♥
are always there with a helping hand
to lift you up when you are sad,
they encorage you wen you are in doubt
laughing at your jokes, even when they're bad,
they lend a smile that brightens your day
a true friend is here to stay

i love mi friends <3
Just because she appears to hate you, doesn't mean she doesn't go to bed wishing you were hers, maybe she got that new outfit to impress you!
JUST MAYBE <3 lovin him <3
&&am i thinkin about you because they told me to or am i thinkin about you because theres feelings there?
i cant qet it back , but i dont want it back !
i realized that he dont know how to acttt .
i never been a dumb broadd , no im nott dense
i just had a sliqht lack of common sense .
i want to be the girl that he puts in his profile then erases bc he doesnt want anyone else to know how much he love me.

make it light purple
you can change it to be girl just change girl to boy and he to she
baby, were sitting here:;
cuddled in the freezing snow.
but you can hold me close,
and never let me go <3

cute editss :]
i/m me
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