Quotes added on Tuesday, November 27 2007

I dont know what to
You've got me head over
i would die for you in a

I'm sick of you liing to me,
and cheating on me and telling
me you love me when you dont
really mean it!
Your not just a playa your the coach...
and i dont stand beside next to or infront of
my boyfriend i stand beside him!
you dont agree with me your
if you do then please stay and
our relationship so it doesnt become a
Life is a garden so.......DIG IT
- Joe Dirt
If shopping were a sport
...you'd be looking at an athelete!
Betty- "I don't think its going to work out"
Freddy- "Why not, I mean things were going so well?"
Betty- "It's not you.. wait it is you"
people always say
don't be sad because it's over
be happy because it happened
well its kinda hard to be happy
even if it did happen
because you always feel like it's your fault you
guys arent still together
QUESTION: if yhu were the last person on earth, and yhu HAD 2 pick 1 person 2 be wit yhu, and the entire human race was dependin on yhu, who would yhu bring?

ANSWER: a HOTT guy... DUHH, so tht yhu can, yhu kno reMAKE the human race. oo la la♥
love, drama, and everythin else make school a rehab center
yhur always wit me, no matter where i go, wut i do, yhu will never leave me bc yhur stuck on me liek a tattoo, p.s. i love yhu if yhu hadn't noticed
the reasons girls get hung up over u-
1. ur cute smile greets me everyday
2. that hair; wether its spiked, gelled orr just looks plain fantastic
3. the way ur eyes shimmer in the light
4. YOU
in the hospital....... i fell in love with yhu, but next time i kno yhu will b there wen we r close, juss falling into yhur arms.
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