Quotes added on Thursday, November 29 2007

&&you've built a wall infront of me, now i don't feel ready to let anyone in, because im afraid that they will hurt me just like you did
&&i just wanna find someone that will give me that special feeling he used to give me
so many men, so little aspirin
go away les u just need to go ok i cant have u in my life anymore kk o yeah im NOT sorry!!!!
you walk by with a crowd of people
but all i see is you.
Everyone else is just an ongoing blur.
i can't breathe when im around you.
you take my breath away.
nor can i talk when im with you
words couldnt express what i want to say.
so just hold me close,
and live in the intensity of the moment.
i never felt my heart beat
the way it does when i'm with you.
i never felt my breath stop
like it does when you look atme.
my brain has never been so congested
until you came around.
everythings so different,
but i wouldnt want it any other way.
a day without you is the hardest thing ever.
i become desperate for you voice.
i long for the embrace of your warm arms
and the intense look in your eyes.
i crave the softness of your lips
and the touch of your fingers.
Your kiss makes my pulse accelerate
and with every touch my breath falls shorter.
A poisioness kiss, full of addiction.
A kiss that will eventually lead
to my very own annihilation.
A collision so tenacious it
knocks me off my feet,
leaving my heart to beat
past the point of explosion.
Your eyes focus on mine
leaving my mind to turn blank.
our legs becaome a tangled mess
and our arms enfold eachothers.
Acting as one almost to the point of suffocation
onr night you will be the death of me.
a backstabbing so deep its hard to recover.
blood falling down for the absence of a lover.
a tortured soul barely hanging on
with only the hope of the nightmare to be gone.
mind is slowly failing
while the heart continues to beat.
breath falling short as she slips into comatose..
he'll always be the one i missed the most.
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