Quotes added on Friday, November 30 2007

& its amazing how the hardest things in life are thrown at you when you dont even expect it
but whats more amazing is how in the end
&&He Who Laughs Last...
Doesn't Get It
idiotzzz willll be shottt,,,
survivorzzz wil beee SHOT AGEN!!!!
im sorry for being jeolous i am sorry for
being annoying but when it comes to liking u it
never changes
i've found a million reasons you hate you,
but i've found a million and one to love you.
you talk to me &+ i wonder if you know just
how much i really love you so, if you see that
when you're around i cannot breath... and if you
ever knew... i wonder what you would do.

Oh I Sloved That One In My Head While Having My Cup Of Soup - zack

*from the show bones*
im caught between 2 guys, 1 is cute nd i liek him a little, but then theres the otha 1 he is sooooo hot nd cute i love him, so hook the 1st 1 up wit a friend, nd hav the hottest of all 4 me, but i kno they will always b there 4 me. they r such great ppl.
you change the way i listen to some songs. i cant help but think of you <3
i never thought that when you left it would be this hard to get over you. </3
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