Quotes added on Tuesday, December 4 2007

when we were together i wore a smile
now all i wear is a frown
I used to laugh when you walked by
now all i can do i miss you
I used to be the sweetest girl ever
now all i am doin only bad
When you told me it was alright i belived you
now all i can think is if you are liein
when you told me you luvd me i thought it was true
But when i said it you didn't have to think you knew i ment it !
its just another day
pickin up the pices baby
tryin to find a reason not to go
and give it all away
cus everytime your missing
well im feelin like im losing part of me
and i cant remember
where things went wrong
cus its been so long and i
i cant believe that its the end
so baby help me understand
whats good whats good
with you with you
if your not the one you want
then i dont wanna sit and wonder
whats good whats good
with youuuu
boy im sick of being lost
and i just wanna know
whats good (whats good)
whats good with you
its seemed so ment to be
till everything got twisted baby
look at how weve drifted from those days
but i wont walk away
i deserve an explination
tell me why your giving up on
me cus i cant remember
where things went wrong
no time can let me know
cus this ant the way you let love in
so baby help me understand. <//3
the truth:
everyone gets to the point of a breakdown
some people just hide it better.
Accept the things you cannot change
Maybe knowing the truth is better than hiding from it
Break my heart we can still be friends
Break my best friends heart too
&& boy ur gonna be dead
Just living the dream
If you wait too long, she'll have moved on...if you rush, you'll get her nervous and it'll be akward...wait for the time that is just right when you have both fallen for eachother and nobdoy else on earth matters to you both because you are so deeply in love you can't think clearly because you're clouding eachother's minds
why is it that he can sound so romantic and cute online, but in real life he doesnt? I'm sick of hearing that he's nervous...i told him how i feel about him, so he needs to just come out and say it..."I love you" (this is dedicated to my bff...you know who you are)
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