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Hold on baby your losing it, the waters high your jumping into it, and letting go, and no one knows! that you cry but you dont tell anyone, that you might not be the golden one, and your tied together with a smile but your coming undone.--tied together with a smile by Taylor Swift
God broke the mold when he made this one i know shes breath taking and so much more she walks in the room your lungs go making you never want to breathe again. her boyfriend has got too much dough so much ice his neck and wrist froze but is he faithful to her heck no still she choose to be with him (Chorus)tell me is the money worth your soul tell me whats the reason that you hold on when you know that dude has a whole wall of them jus like you and girl your just way too fine got to be treated as one of a kind girl use your mind dont be just another dime because i cant take seeing you with hime when cuz i know exactly what you'll be in his gallery just aint fair and it s tearing me apart your just another priceless work of art in his gallery. shes so confused she knows tha seh deserves more someone who will love and adore but his money is hard to ignore and she choode to be with him (Chorus)(tag)your a masterpiece i know that he cant appreciate your beauty dont let him cheapen you he dont see you like i do beautiful not just for show its time that someone let you know (Chorus)
Live today in such a way
that when tomorrow comes
the memories of yesterday
will all be cherished ones.
Winning your love is not in my fate
So I hide my broken heart beneath a laughing face...
i like to think that i have everything
together.. but inside im going crazy...
just because i dont have you babe.
If you just realize what I just [realized]
Then we'd be perfect for each other
&& will ~ never ~ find another
Just realized what I just realized
we'd never have to //wonder// if
we *missed out on each other now.
Your eyes of passion make me crazy
Your existence makes me wild
I wanna loosen up your feelings
And see what's hiding inside
Feel like you're wasting all of your time
You're going out of your mind
From all the tears you've been crying
And I know all the things he's putting you through
The cheating no one can prove
You never know what to do, yeah
Just tell me what you feel inside
Don't be consumed by foolish pride
'Cause I can see with my two eyes
The pain that you've been holding tight
It's time that you begin to feel
The kind of love that's really real, yeah
I gave you all my love
What were you thinking of
Guess it was just a game
It's all the same to you
Too late to try again
This story's at an end
It's time for movin' on
Now what ya gonna do
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