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okayy... let me tell u abou tthis girl ... she doesnt kno how to be a friend ...she thinks she does..but let me tell u she doesnt ... she talks about u behind ur back... she tells all ur secrets and she doesnt kno how to be a friend she starts fights over nothing and in done... im done pretending to be her friend. shes a mean little brat that gets her way with everything she bosses us around and im done.
don't try to impress me
by telling me the colors of his boxers,
cuz honey, i bought them
and dont tell me how good he is in bed
because b*tch,
I Taught Him

when i think about all that i have been through i am scared to give it a try. you tell me so many things that make me feel so special. You tell me things that just give me butterflies in my stomach and i can't help but smile. I trust you more than any other guy... You make me smile and bring out a side of me that i have not seen in a long time.. You make me feel like a princess in a fairy tale. You make me have this smile and a feeling i dont want to go away.... i love this feeling and ilove you too.. boyy you have noo idea..
walkin in a winter
If i had a snowflake for every
time i thought about you, we
would never have school
&&you have no idea how hard it is
to try and help you be strong
for the girl you cheated on me with
but you also have no idea how
it feels to be able to do that
because if can actually do that
i know im deffinately, finally over you

is the G00D LIFE better than the life i lived
when i thought that i was gonna go

[G00D_LIFE by my boi kanye west <3]
Its funny how on every girls profile theres always that ONE BOY, and that boy doesnt have any idea that its all about HIM.
For get about yesterday its over, forget about the past, its not coming back, don't regret anything, nothings going to change. Don't be worried about tomorrow, it may never come. Don't wait for things to happen, don't plan things to early. Live for today, thats what's happening, today is your day to shine, today is your day, the only day present. Past and future is nothing to think about. Have fun TODAY.
Who are you going to score points with if you're mean?

I'm gonna score points with myself. Plus, you'll die, and I'll still be around. So, really, why should I be nice to you?
What can I say? I'm a teenager.
Love us or hate us.
If you were one, then you'd love me.
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