Quotes added on Sunday, December 16 2007

Do you think back to the nights that we shared,
Have you ever really cared?
And I can't go on like this,
I need to know if there is something there,
Something for you and me,
Something that we might be
And if not then fine,
I'll move on but I just need some kind of sign.

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you see your side, and i see mine
we have gone our seperate ways like many others have
is it worth looking back and going through all of this?
or should we just move on,
and forget it all

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if your heart is nowhere in it, i dont want it for a minute.</3
maybe its to late, to start another page, to finish what we've made with violence, in between the lines, theres nothing left to do.
we had the whole world in our hands...
then you let go. I swear that was the day the world came crashing down on me...
just because you say "i love you"
doesn't mean you know exactly what it means.
When You Stop Moving Things Stop Happening
The Ducks Go Quack The Cows Go Moo The Sheep Go Baa And I Go ZZzzZZ
Rubber ducky your the one. You make my bathtime soo much fun. Rubber ducky your so cool, I just can't have my bathtime without you! Don't you wish you were my rubber ducky?;-)
If life gives you lemons... THROW THEM AT PEOPLE!
Hey %n DUCK!! LOL! GOTCHA!!!
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