Quotes added on Monday, December 17 2007

Don't take life too seriously, otherwise you will never get out of it alive!

-If you're actually trying to figure out what this means... then you really have been taking life too seriously!!!!
;& don't you hate it when..
you meet someone;
who's absolutely gorgeous,
you make eye contact,
learn his name;
and you cant get him out of your mind
wondering if you will ever see him again!

[make it cute]
So im basically the type of girl whos:

•Hair doesnt go the way that I want it to go

•Room doesnt stay clean for more then a day


•There is this guy who im absolutely crazy about
three things to do today:

1) get up

2) survive

3) go back to bed
I don't want a lot for Christmas;
Theres is just 1 thing i need
I don't care about the presents;
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own;
More then you could ever know
Make my wish come true;
All i want for Christmas is you
I couldn't help but smile.
-You're forever in my heart
-You're forever in my dreams
-I'll love you for forever
-And you'll forever be with me
-I miss you every passing day
-I think of you a lot
-But I know that you're still with me
-And it keeps me hanging on
I might sue Santa for stealing my cookies.
Why when i look at you i feel i am over you but i know i am not. Why can't i just get it trough my head you are neve coming back.I cannot seem to let the dream fadee that me and you are ment to be but i know we arn't but shhh my heart won't listen to me.
Be strong
Be what you want to become
Don't let your own strength hold you down
Don't let anything weigh you down
It may take a bit to get there
Even with scars and bruises
You can be anything
Even if you tried
Try to make someone happy
Even if you can;t get there someday
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