Quotes added on Tuesday, December 18 2007

people say hate is a strong word
but then, so is love
&& people throw it around like its
[ m e a n i n g l e s s ]
if gymnastics was easy it would be called football:]
wanna hotttt and sexyy chick????well im here for ya so IM me with an ask out!!!

loving YOU!!!!!!!<333
You Will Never Get
If You Dont Start
i dont wanna forget anything because im afriad nothing will ever be the beautiful again...
takin credit
Fairy tales alwayz have happily ever after that is why we cal what we live in life because there is no such thing as "happily ever after"
Oh silly boy,
why would you want to break a perfectly good heart?
What would you say if I told you how I truly
Life would be perfect if girls had mute button, guys had an edit button, good times had a pause button, and bad times had a fast forward button
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