Quotes added on Wednesday, December 19 2007

you never stop luvin somebody
you just start luvin somebody else
corey's eyes are like a jungle
he smiles, itz like the radio
he whispers songs into my window
in words that nobody knows
theres pretty girls on every corner
they watch him as hes walkin home
sayin does he know
will u ever know

Ur beautiful
every little piece love dont u know
ur really gonna be sum1
ask anyone
and when u find everythin u looked 4
i hope ur love leads u back 2 my door
Oh but if it dont
i lay awake at night trying not
to think about my life
trying not to think about the bad things
trying to think about the good
the only thing i can think about is
dont u hate it when the girl he likes neverr turnns out too be youu<33
Don't walk in front of me
I may not follow
Don't walk behind me
I may not lead
But please walk beside me and be my friend
what happened to us?
we used to be so close.
people who didn't know us would say
aw..you two make a good couple
and we would laugh and say were just friends.
you were one of my best friends
but what happened?...
i know!
you started lying to me
and started hanging out with her again
you let her back into your life
and now she wants me out...
well boy for once she can finally have her way
because im not dealing with this anymore
call me when i can have my best friends back!
late night texting convos used to be our favorites
snuggle fests on my couch watching tv was what we did best
you alway drving my car was a no question ask kinda thing
friday night we were alway together with everyone else
and we always had fun
i wish i could go back to those days and make time stand still

because who knew things would change....
if someone told me in october that you would be gone by december i would have punched them out.....who knew that you actually would be gone?
No boy, you didn't crush me....
you trampled me to the ground.

No boy, you didn't break me....
you tore me in two.

No boy, you didn't make me cry....
you just made me spend my saturday nights in with a love book.

No boy, you didn't hurt me....
you just broke my heart.

here's where i'm supposed to put the arrow and a three...no boy, this is one thing you won't get me to do
FRIENDS = Forever<3 no one can deny me and my girlies
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