Quotes added on Thursday, December 20 2007

[ guys are like stars ]
there are millions of them
but only one will make your dreams come tru
friendship is easily turned into love
but love is very hard to turn
back into friendship
it`s sweet-talkers like you that make girls fall in love&fall apart.
someone said your name & asked me if i knew you.
i looked down, wiped away my tears, & said,
"no, not anymore."
we can`t call people without wings angels.
instead, we call them friends.
sometimes i feel like the last cookie in the jar;
all alone & broken.
yea it`s the teenage years
that was us
now we`re like
Girls are like telephones
they like to be held and talked to
but push the wrong button and you'll be
I must be a pretty good liar
for you to honestly think
that everything's alright.
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